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Why aren't my side sound buttons working?

The silence button is not on, my change with buttons tab is set to on. Also, I can hear incoming calls and talk to people on speaker phone and regular volume. However, I can't hear any music, videos, etc. even when I go to change the volume on the now playing screen in "Music" the slide tab won't even show up. When I press the side buttons sometimes, the ringer volume shows up and the small squares showing the volume don't pop up. What should I do? I've only had my iPhone for 3 1/4 months.

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Ciaran Change the dock connector as this has the mic attached to it

And Rachel changing the dock will also fix your problems also

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It sounds like your phone thinks it's connected to a sound dock. Possibly some corrosion has built up on the bottom pins in the dock connector. You can get some Isopropyl Alcohol 91% and try to clean it out with a tooth brush. Be gentle as the pins can easily be damaged. Give that a try as it might be the solution you need.

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When im talking to someone on the phone i can hear them perfect but they cant hear me at all, if i put the caller on loud speaker they can hear me but not off loud speaker . Can someone please tell me how to fix this?

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