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Mediados de 2006 / número de modelo A1181 / carcasa negra o blanca / procesador Intel Core Duo de 1,83 o 2,0 GHz.

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MB 2006 shows Firewire symbol during AHT, Disable Fw in EFI?


When doing the apple diagnostics (AHT) it shows inmediately the Firewire symbol moving slowly arround on the screen. I presume this means the problem is the firewire port. So after all possible resets and disc utils have failed I would like to disable the Fw in the bios (EFI). Don't know how, I'm stuck here, who has some advice?

The MB has been assembled out of parts of 3 different deceased MB's. The motherboard and cpu are late 2006 2.0 GHZ. Everything works fine but 4 out of ten it either crashes after a while or it fails to boot normaly.

Many thanks in advance for any advice or hint that helps me forward with my hobby project :)


It's running Version 10.6.8. The AHT version I'm not sure about, it seems to run from the snowleopard installation disc. But I'll find out.

It's indeed just a single user setup.

Last night I repasted the heatsink with Artic cause it was running awfully hot. Probably I was a bit to sparse on the artic the first time.

I look in updating the EFI and removing the IO Firewire extensions and post my findings.

Thanks or your sharing your knowledge !

Just checked and it appears I don't need update:

Opstart-ROM-versie: MB11.0061.B03

SMC-versie (systeem): 1.4f12

Also removed the fire wire extensions, unfortunately without improvement.

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Have you updated the EFI? What version of X are you attempting to run? What AHT are you using? The answers to all those questions are pertinent and might solve your problem... I know of no EFI hacks.... but if it runs normally under a Single User (shift-boot) the firewire extension might not be loaded. You could try removing the IOFireWire extensions from your System->Extensions folder.

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Just a thought - how new is the HD you're trying to run a SATA III on there are you? It's built for SATA I, and most SATA's only can drop back one rev... you need a SATA II drive or slower.

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These are the details of the HD:

MHY2160BH, Harddisk, 160 GB, 5400 rpm, 2.5 inch, Serial ATA 150.

Good thought but it's not the problem

The repasting of the CPU and GPU are keeping temps in control now. (under 47 degrees C normal use). It didn't crash since. :) and it only refused to boot once.

Your probably right about pushing it. I'll downgrade the OSX to 10.5 and see what it does.

Using the MB as a full macbook is a bridge to far i'm afraid.

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I think it might be the install or version of X you are trying to run - you're pushing it very hard. This system can run the last version of Mac OS X 10.6 "Snow Leopard". ( with 5 GB free hard drive space & 1 GB RAM) However, it cannot boot in 64-bit mode nor does it support "OpenCL". It cannot run versions of Mac OS X more recent than 10.6.8

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Thank you LikeaRabbit! Very clear explanation. I don't have the original grey disk unfortunately. The HD has been erased and reinstalled several times in its lifetime.

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AHT won't run from a snow leopard (or any retail) installation disc. It either runs from the built in volume (assuming the disk has never been erased or reimaged) or from the gray installation discs that came with the MacBook. Each AHT version is very hardware specific, hence why it will only run from the machine's original installation media. AASPs are able to download the different versions directly from Apple but I don't believe there is a public way to do so.

The Firewire icon slowly moving around the screen is an indication that the Mac is booted to Target Disk Mode, which is accomplished by powering on and holding the T key.

To attempt to boot to AHT you would insert your original installation media (gray discs, assuming it's no longer installed on the machine) and hold D while powering it on. AHT has a barebones GUI but it DOES show what is testing and will either give you "no trouble found" or a somewhat cryptic error code that will usually lead you in the right direction.

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