Damaged digitizer IC socket fix?

Hello All,

Yesterday I finished reattaching the digitizer IC to a new screen, attached both the digitizer and the LCD ,which worked flawlessly, then detached both again to do final prep work before I sealed the unit. After the final prep work : applying adhesive, minor cleaning on the frame, and pre cleaning the LCD, I noticed that the pins on the Digitizer IC socket looked slightly different as in they looked like they had moved inside their housing (up and down slightly). At this point I knew that this would either be really bad or everything would work so I reattached everything again. My worst fears were confirmed, the IC Socket was damaged, at first only one of the Socket pins were dislodged but closer inspection revealed that three were dislodged! When i say dislodged I am referring to the fact that the pins are literally broken off of the inside of the socket. ( I have extracted said broken pins)

I have done dozens of repairs like this, all successful and not once have I seen a socket just take a crap like this one. Ive looked high and low for anyone else in this same situation that has found a solution with no luck. Heck Ive tried finding a replacement socket with no luck. And as far as repairing the current socket goes either I do not posses the skills or correct equipment to accurately re-solder the pins back in place.

If anyone out there can provide ANY information about what has happened it will be greatly appreciated. Replacement socket information? Maybe a place that does specialty IC Socket work? Has this happened to you? and if so tell me about it.

*A word to all those out there doing these repairs or attempting for their first time. Seeing how this has has happened to me and one other that I know of, I am going to advise that whatever way you are thinking about prying that connector loose, think twice and find a way to lift that connector out without tilting it.

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