Rapid-flashing left turn signal.

The right signal flashes OK,but the left flashes 2-3 times faster. Bad bulb,connection,or other electrical part? And depending on what it is,how do I get to it? Thanks for any help.

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the most probable cause of it flashing fast is that one of the bulbs on the left side needs to be replaced , check both front and rear bulbs on the side that is flashing fast

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My front passenger side turn bulb was out which caused the rapid flashing when the right indicator was on.

I removed the under fender guard and went to town. The bulb was so badly damaged it shattered upon removal. Had to reach in there with my finger tips to remove the broken pieces.

I replaced the bulb with the Alpha bulb and tested before reassembly. To my frustration, I found that the bulb was working but the passenger side still had the rapid flashing.

I went back into Advanced Auto to double check and found that the Alpha bulbs were infact the correct bulbs. The service rep suggested that it might be the indicator relay, but, he quickly dismissed it when I told him the rapid flashing was only on the passenger side.

He then suggested I disconnect the bulb housing from the harness and reconnect. As soon as I did that it worked like a charm. Saved me a whole lot of headache and time.

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