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Tickle Me Elmo es un juguete infantil de Tyco-Preschool, basado en el personaje Elmo del programa de televisión infantil Barrio Sésamo. Fue introducido en los Estados Unidos en 1996.

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New batteries, doesn't work.

He was working. Changed the batteries and now he doesn't. Am I missing something here? Is there anything I can try?

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When was the last time Elmo worked? You checked the batteries, the proper position and checked for corrosion on the battery contacts?

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I fond a plastic bag in the foot of mine why is it there

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I have a 20 year old Elmo the shaker box stopped working, how do I get a new one.

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hey there do you still have the shaker box?

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Mine also does not work after replacing batteries....plz tell me where to get another shaker box

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Did you replace ALL the batteries?



Open the door to the battery compartments on the bottom of Elmo's feet with a Phillips head screwdriver. Remove the old batteries.


Place the AA batteries in the battery compartments according to the polarity indicators designated by a (+) and (-) sign.


Replace the battery compartment covers. Replace the screws. Set the "On/off" switch on the bottom of Elmo's right foot to "On."


Slide the back cover off the activation box. Install the two AAA batteries in the compartment. Place the batteries in the compartment according to the polarity indicators inside the case.

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do I mash anything to make it start after batteries

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Where is "the back cover off the activation box"? and how do I access it?

Thank you.

Mike D

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Mike, it's on the back. See the diagram here: Where is Location of Elmo's Activation Box Cover?

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I replaced the battery, not working.

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Mine was working fine put in box.....when I took it out put new batteries just wont turn on....tried everything??

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I put new batteries the bottom of the feet and still will not work

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I can not get my tickel me Elmo to work after installing new batteries.

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