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Need new universal adapter for Apple SSD Flash cards

Now that we're seeing more SSD flash cards in Apple laptops I am looking for a Universal SSD flash card adapter.

I've seen the OWC Envoy for the 2010-11 MacBook Air.

Now the Envoy for the 2012 MacBook Air:

also the Envoy Pro for the MacBook Pro retina 2012:

I use my Universal Drive Adaptor

Universal Drive Adapter

on almost a daily basis.

iFixit also sells the SATA adapter: IF107-107

Any ideas other than buying all the different enclosures? I don't need permanent enclosures, just some means of being able to read these drives outside of their perspective machines.

Imagen de Universal Drive Adapter


Universal Drive Adapter


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Blame it on different I/O's these SSD's use Mayer.

Apple so far uses two different Apple proprietary SSD I/O connections and then you have the SATA & eSATA standard I/O connections as well.

Maybe someone will create a magic box with the four different connections that allow you to connect via USB2 or USB3 to the system (anyone game?)

It would be nice not to have so many different I/O connections. The RAM vendors standardized the SIMM connection and all of the following versions since. Why can't the SSD players do the same?

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The SSD flash cards are proprietary to these machines. I don't expect Apple to reveal the pinout of the drives so don't expect tools anytime soon.

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