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The Motorola Xoom is an Android-based tablet computer by Motorola, introduced at CES 2011 on January 5, 2011. It is the first tablet to run Android 3.0 Honeycomb.

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Power button is nonresponsive

My Motorola Xoom MZ602 32GB, wifi + Verizon 3G/4G tablet's power button has stopped working. The power button retains the same action as when it was working except the Xoom's screen wouldn't turn off or shut down the Xomm completely after holding the power button down. Pressing the volume button and the power button at the same time had no effect. What would I have replace to fix the power button? Where could I find parts list that would include this part? Does anyone know of a store, online or bricks and mortar, that would have this parts like this? Is there any possibility that the power button is not the problem?

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Could you expand on what you mean by "the power button retains the same action as when it was working?" What functions (if any) still work? is it able to turn the screen on, just not off/shutdown?

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The power button doesn't work at all. By "retains the same action" I mean pressing the power button feels the same as it did before power button stopped working.

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I have the same problem ,posted it weeks ago on the site,no responses.This happened just after my portable wi fi went on the blink.What was going on before Your problem occured?

By the way,the only way I got mine to shut off was disassemble it and manuallky disconnect the battery.


That sounds exactly like what was going on before mine went out.You May have just answered my Question.

Your fix reminds me of what happens to battery and other teminals when they get coroded.It's possible a tiny bit of corrosion or foreign material was between terminals.Thank You for responding

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My problem just fixed itself...well, sort of. I disassemble the Xoom and played with the push contact ribbon cable, that's under the power button and attached to the circuit board, back in place . Then I pressed the push contact button that's on the ribbon cable a few times. Seated the volume control ribbon cable and reassembled it. After charging it a while I pressed the on/off button and it started. I have no Idea what happened.

As for what my Xoom was doing doing before it broke. Almost all my apps were crashing, apps were/are disapearing from the screen, GPS was/is constantly searching for my location, the touch screen and my power button only responded to me after repeating the same action a few times.

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The power button turned off my Xoom but wouldn't turn back on. I just read on your site about pressing the power button and the volume up at the same time and it powered up and it is working now. Thank you for this site.

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