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La Canon PowerShot A4000 IS es una cámara digital que ofrece al usuario un zoom de 8x, una lente gran angular de 28 mm y un sensor de imagen de 16 megapíxeles. Esta cámara se puede vincular directamente a su computadora para cargar imágenes y video HD.

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My camera doesn't open the lens

Hi there :)

My camera Canon Power Shot A4000 IS HD doesn't open the lens, when i try to start it, it says "Lens Error" and says to restart but its no working... Can someone help me ? What should I do ?

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I'm having the same problem and the vacuum is not helping. Please if there is any other thing I can do let me know. Please I borrowed this camera and I would feel terrible if I return it broken.

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ana, sounds like you have a stuck lens. Look at it straight on and see if it looks center in the housing. Sometimes dirt, sand and grime can prevent it from opening. In case like that I usually try to use a vacuum cleaner at the front of the lens and try to assist it with that suction, while turning the camera on. Take a look on here for some more information. Hope this helps, good luck.

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If you are at a social function sometimes just a drop from a sugary drink can make the lens door cover stick. Check to see if the door cover is sticking. If it is clean very carefully.

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how do you clean it CAREFULLY?

- de

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It happened to my Canon A590 when I let too much fine grit get on the lens barrel.

I dabbed of the face of the assembly with a towel and my breath blowing it off too.

Then with a a wand on a can of WD40 I barely touched the nozle and got a little of it distributed in the crevices. I hit the power buton and redid this. Blotting with a towel each time to prevent the liquid from getting built up to much and getting inside the electronics.

It only took a minute or two for the lens to come all the way out.

Some isoproply alcohol on a paper towel was then used to clean of the excess from the lens barrel. Making sure I got off all the grit.

The lens has worked great since then.

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I don't know, that seems like it could really screw it up

- de

Has anyone else tried the WD40 idea?

- de

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