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Replaced USB/Charging Port Flex Cable. Phone Still Won't Charge.

My mom just replaced this HTC Vivid with a new phone because it would sporadically stop charging and also lose connection to the PC. I assumed the USB/Charging port was bad. Cleaning the male connector with a small needle, compressed air, and rubbing alcohol didn't fix it.

So I ordered '''this'''. Removed the old cable and put the new one in no problem. The phone still won't charge or connect to the PC.

What's wrong with it? The battery for the phone is completely dead but I'm using the battery from my HTC Inspire wedged in with guitar picks. The phone powers on and runs no problem. Hook a USB cable from PC and nothing happens. AC Charger to phone and nothing happens. Doesn't charge.

I wan't to fix it because she wants all her thousands of pictures etc off the phone. I also want to replace my phone with this Vivid.

Edit: Just put the stock USB Flex cable back in the phone. Now with the stock dead battery the charging indicator LED comes on momentarily then shuts off. It's still sporadic. Wiggling the USB cable around will make the LED turn on for a second or two then it shuts off again.

So is the USB Flex cable I replaced it with no good? Does it need to be a different version/revision or something?

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hello please my phone samsung A50 is not charging. it gets so hot then stops charging. I have changed the down board and battery flex yet it keeps doing the same thing

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Kevin, the very next thing I would do is to get a battery that is made for the Vivid. Also remember that a totally discharged battery is most likely not getting charged through the phone. I believe that even for the HTC the absolute threshold is somewhere around the 2.8. Get a new battery and see what it does. Hope this helps, good luck

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Shouldn't the phone charge or connect to the PC when the Inspire battery is in? The phone works fine with that battery in just refuses to charge or connect still. Makes me think the new Flex cable is broken...

Considering with the old cable it still works momentarily and the new cable does absolutely nothing, really makes me wonder.

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It wont do that is the battery is below the threshold. Do you have an external 3.6V charger that you can rig up to temporarily charge the original battery with?

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I have two different batteries. The one that came with my phone is fine and has 100% charge. When using this battery the Vivid still won't charge. I tried cutting open an ac adapter and taping to the + and - on the battery. Didn't charge for some reason.

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The not charging of the non-Vivid battery may be caused by not being recognized as a battery. It is strange that the Vivid battery will not charge through a temporary hook up on an external charger. Leads me back to my first comment about replacing the battery with an original first. If nothing else it will definitely take the guessing out of this.

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As far as why it won't charge with a cut open AC adapter I don't know. It had a black wire and a green wire. Tried black to negative green to positive for an hour and then the opposite for another hour. I just don't want to keep throwing money at this. I saw on Amazon a charger for the batteries themselves and it comes with two batteries.

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I have the same problem with my charger. While i find a permanent fix, I remove the battery and charge it using a universal cell phone battery charger ($2 at amazon). Hope that helps;)

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my samung gets too hot and stops charging. I have changed down board and flex

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