Replacing/buying a new top cover (DVD felt is important!)

Hi All,

Some time ago, I realized the felt around the DVD drive was jamming discs in therefore I pulled it out. However, now discs will get scratched on the top when inserted or removed.

So, my question is: where can I buy a new top cover for a 17" MBP first gen?

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I tagged the thread with parts that should do what you want.


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you dont have to buy a full topcase, you can just buy the slot., its screwed into the topcase. might save you some money if you do that:)

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Hi, Three sources come to mind

  1. iFixit
  2. ebay
  3. LEM Swap

You might also try Craigslist but I would think they would be doubtful on parts. Also please make certain the part you buy is for your exact model as there are many versions of MBP and not all parts interchange. Ralph

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