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Google-branded tablet with a 7" screen. The device needs only prying tools and screwdrivers to fix. Model number: ME370T.

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Device went through washing machine

No operation at all

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What have you tried so far?

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so far I drained water out & sat it out in sun & breeze for a day. Plugged into charger for 4 hours.

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Thanks for your quick answers. Unfortunately I was not that quick. I ordered a tool kit for disassembly. Then I had 2 knee surgeries. Just now got tablet completely apart, soaked parts in denatured alcohol. Let dry for 2 days. Now ready to reassemble.

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Sounds great, not the part about your surgeries, but that you are feeling better, and that you are going to work on your Tablet. Keep us informed

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Hi scott,

Your tablet underwent an absolute shocking experience... Although you let it dry, there might still be water in the tablet, possibly on the motherboard/under metal covers and in other angles.

I recommend using the teardown guide here on iFixit and completely disassemble the tablet. Then put the motherboard into a bath of isopropyl alcohol (90%) for about 15 minutes (this will draw out every possible rest of water from everywhere). Then let it dry for about two days. Also, let all the other part sufficiently dry, possibly next to an air conditioning.

Then assemble the tablet. Now check your tablet again.

If there is still no sign of life, I would replace the battery next and then check the tablet again.

Please keep us posted.


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My Nexus7 also went into water a few days ago, I tried disassemble it completely and dried the water, but the LCD can't be separated from the glass.

So when I assemble it and switch it on, i can see there is water under the glass.

And I figured out a solution: I am going to buy an ipad mini tomorrow.

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Has a description of how to dry out the layers of glass in a nexus 5. Unfortunately, Nexus 7 glass is hard-bonded to the digitizer. You can get a new screen for $40. I don't recommend this repair, I have done it and you have the pry the most gowd-awful bits of glass from the frame with a crowbar and little strings of glass pull away from the frame, you must chip them ALL away with a metal prybar, the glass comes away in strings holding together for dear life and threatening to go flying across the room. You are very likely to get a cut on your hands and the repair is very aggravating, it takes hours, this is one repair you would rather have a professional do, or buy a new Nexus 7 on ebay they can be had as cheaply as $45-$70.

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