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Repair guides and support for riding, or ride-on, mowers, also known as lawn tractors, of all types used in tending large tracts of land.

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Why does it blow white smoke out of exhaust?

14.5 Briggs and Stratton Murray riding mower was in storage. Model number: 287707

Turned it on, stepped on the gas and would stay on for only a few seconds. White smoke would then blow out from the exhaust. The next day i turned it on and would turn off when i stepped on the gas. Checked the air filter and had fuel and oil mixed. Filter was wet. What can i do?

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Juan Hernandez, depending on how long it has been in storage, You could easily have bad/old fuel. The reason for the white smoke is most likely the excessive burning of oil, mixed with water from humidity. The "turn off when i stepped on the gas" most likely caused by a bad mixture. Change the fuel, replace the fuel filter. Clean the carb and fuel bowl and replace your spark plug, then re-evaluate.

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