Error 1 -1 iPhone 5

@Simran I've seen you helped a lot of people with the problem of error 1 -1 , now my problem is I don't know a lot about all the system , But I already tried to fix my recovery by Ireb , Umbrella , Manually with the buttons , tried dfu mode .... nothing worked it keeps coming that I have an error of 1 -1 and on my phone i still see the itunes logo with the cable ....Could you please help me

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what you have means what you are using WIndow or Mac. if you are using Mac then have few steps for checking what is the exactly problem is. connect your phone in Mac:

1.Open system Profiler in Utilities.

2.Click on Usb option in left

3.Select iPhone and see the serial number over there.

4.If have fffffffffffffffffff like this then your phone's IMEI is corrupted.

5.Visit the Service provider as soon as possible, they will replace this phone will brand new iPhone.

6. If have values like :

Product ID: 0x12a8

Vendor ID: 0x05ac (Apple Inc.)

Version: 5.20

Serial Number: 66464794b46b6a12e98d405fbd34475

Speed: Up to 480 Mb/sec

Manufacturer: Apple Inc.

Location ID: 0xfa140000 / 6

Current Available (mA): 500

Current Required (mA): 500

Extra Operating Current (mA): 500

showing some other problem.

7. For windows there are softwares like USB view. In this you can find out the same info about the phone .

First check this then msg me .

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I've tried it but my windows doesn't recognize my phone beceause it's locked in recoverymodus i think..... because i can see there something connected with my computer and when i open it it says device works good but thats it ... or i did something wrong ....


From long time i never used a window. i will check today on window then i will tell you the procedure.


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im having this exact issue with a 4s. I have seen most of the previous questions/answers regarding this topic, but cannot find any of it useful. if your serial number and other information are shown correctly what is the next step?

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so my iphone is showing serial number what do i do next?

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i have this problem on i tunes,the values are corect,do you help me please

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