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An external multi-display device that adds up to three monitors to your computer. Available in DisplayPort, Digital, or Analog Editions.

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Configuration is lost after reconnecting the Matrox


The configuration is lost every time the user reconnects to Matrox device. Each time we need to recongifure it. Can you please advise?



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I'm assuming that you're using this with a Mac. I have limited experience with these Matrox devices but I've installed and troubleshoot a couple of them.

What you're describing sounds like a possibly corrupted preference file or support file, that the Matrox Powerdesk software relies on to determine the settings you have defined. I would troubleshoot it by removing or renaming the following file, which should force the Matrox software to create fresh copies of the files.


Good luck!

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Sorry, I am tlaking about windows 7 configuration 64 bits.

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