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Why won't Sony Bravia, Model KDL-32L4000 power up/turn on?

After using the remote control to turn the TV off, it failed to turn back on using either the remote or the switch on the set, itself. Replaced batteries in remote, no change. All plugs were given a nudge to assure proper contact into the unit.

I have unplugged the unit from the breaker strip and plugged directly into the wall. (Other items on that breaker strip and the outlet are functioning normally.)

I have seen references to a power saver switch at the Sony troubleshooting site- do not find one on this unit.

This unit is most often turned off/on by remote. The laser receptor is not blocked by items on the TV cabinet.

Any suggestions? Too big for a doorstop and after 5 years service, I'd think it would be functioning. (My last TV was a 1965 vintage console that finally died in 2006)

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Thanks Blair and Oldturkey! OT, I'm with you on the challenge and satisfaction of repairing things. For the moment, I'm going to pack the unit away until I can make/take the time to do the exploration suggested by OT. No new tv, here. May just go without. Radical idea, I know...

- de

No TV? OMG that would definitely be something radical ;-) You would miss all those "reality shows".....:-) actually I think that is a great idea. Best of luck to you and let us know how you are coming along once you start working on the repair.

- de

:) There is life with out a cable, without a tv schedule- Have been without both for almost two years and love the time that it has given me back to L. I. V. E. I do pull in an average of two tv shows a week on computer; maybe watch two videos in that same week's time. "In a year will it matter that I ......?" a question I ask self when ever spending $ or the even more precious time. Thanks, again for your help- I will get back with you on the project when I get it back on the priority list. Grateful for this site and the help given!

- de

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Carol N,

If your television is not turning on or showing any signs of life, see the Insignia NS-24ER310NA17 Will Not Turn On problem page for possible causes and solutions.

I do agree with Blair Grant and think that this is a sound course of action. The only thing I would like to add is, that there is always a way to at least take an opportunity, and try to figure out what is wrong with it. At least check the fuses on the power board, it is called the G-board. There are 4 fuses on this board alone, one being the main fuse F1. All you would need is a multimeter to check for continuity on the fuses, and a service manual. You can download a good one from here.. The repair should be straight forward. The G-Board (power board) is readily available and can be had for around $35 at places like this. Even if you would replace every single board in your TV, it would still be cheaper than a new one:-) I guess I just like to fix things. Hope this helps, good luck.

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My Sony Bravia went completely dead. Won't turn on. The small power indicator in the front centre of the TV was not lit. I tried everything suggested but nothing worked. Eventually I wondered if it is possible to reset the TV. Usually a reset involves simultaneously holding down two buttons for a few seconds. I held down the power and home button on the side (ie the top and buttom buttons) of the tv for a few seconds and presto the tv came on. Works fine now. I am presuming it was a software problem and holding down the two buttons somehow resets the software. Just my guess but I can attest that it works.

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Hi I have a Sony Bravia tv. I accidentally press the energy saving button by mistake and now the red light in the front is gon. How can I get my tv back on? Any suggestions? It was working perfect.

- de

rava oaks saved my parents tv going to the tip. the reset using the home and power buttons on side of tv worked. thankyou so very much. this was at xmas, so wonderful to fix it!

- de

Dude boom worked perfect!!!! Bottom 2 buttons

- de

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Hello Carol,

I too am a Sony TV owner. I had a KDL-40-BX450. I too turned it off after normal use. Once morning came and i wanted to use it again, well no dice. I took it in for repairs thinking maybe there is a warranty on it. I owned it for just over a year - maybe a month over a year can't remember.

The repair tech told me that my mainboard was essentially fried. Maybe i took a power surge throughout the night or this thing is junk. The repair tech told me that the main power supply on the mainboard was passing what he called "dirty" voltage to the mainboard which may have caused an over heat. The main voltage regulator protecting the essentials on the mainboard was toast. This caused other problems on the mainboard. The solution was to replace the mainboard. This sounded expensive. $600 expensive by the time I'm done.

What i done was called Sony and demanded a mainboard. After three months of fighting they gave in. Moral of the story is, if your TV is broken still after you followed Sonys troubleshooting guide - get a new TV. The sad part is for the cost of me fixing this TV, I could go out and buy a new one that is trouble free.

Best of luck,

- B.

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