iPhone 4 WiFi not working (doesn't see any network)

Hello, I dropped my iphone 4 from the 4th floor; I changed the LCD, the middle frame and the battery by myself

Everything works fine except the front camera (which I'm about to replace too) and the wifi

The iPhone just can't see any wifi network even if it's next to the router; the small metal piece on the top of the metal plate covering all the connectors on the top of the logic board is in its place and so is the grounding 4.8 mm screw

The only visible damage to the logic board are two missing nuts for the screws holding the above mentioned plate (the smallest one plus the one above it)

Have you ever experienced such an issue?

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Can i stll Getafe the email with no wifi


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the top of the case and the shield bracket serves as the wifi/BT/GPS antenna. Make sure everything is correctly in place. the washer under the screw is touching the gold point on the logic board, the long screw is in place, the standoff screws serve as the ground. and there is a meal contact pin to the left,make sure it is intact

Block Image

image is taken from nikkeibp chinese site, for illustrations only

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The backplate at the top is the WiFi shield and in my experience if screws are missing from there MOST of the time WiFi will not work, you will need to ensure all screws for that black plate are in place and screwed into the motherboard



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As I said the nuts are gone, so if you are really sure the screw is the cause, I may try to find a way to reestablish contact

If anyone could try to remove that screw from his iPhone 4 and confirm that wifi does not work, I would have the confirmation that is the problem

The screw I'm talking about is the left one circled in orange here



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