A laptop series by HP. Identifiable by the model number G62-XXX-XX, endings vary depending on options and seller.

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My HP G62 Notebook PC over heats all the time!

My computer is a Windows 7 Home Prem. OA and it always over heats.. how do i get it to stop?

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Amber Renee Scott, the first thing I would advice you to do, is to download the service manual from here. Then disassemble your laptop. Clean out all the air vents, and the fan. Make sure that the fan is in good working condition, if unsure, replace it. Clean the thermal paste off and reapply, using good thermal paste (most people swear by Arctic Silver 5) If unsure how to do that check for instructions on here. Once cleaned and new thermal paste applied, reassemble your computer and re-evaluate. Always make sure that the airflow is non-obstructed. do not leave your laptop on a soft surface like pillows or blankets, this will increase the overheating.Hope this helps, good luck

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I had this same issue with a customers laptop, followed the suggestions above an all good, thanks.


Hello I have a HP G62...what a pain to clean the fan..access is Nightmare screws,keyboard,everything..i,am thinking of putting a small heatsink onto the copper?what I did with it I cut the grill out on the botton case.so I could see the fan. then got a good cooler job done.


I have the same problem and even using Artic Silver 5, the situation did not improved. Which kind of modifications you did? What do you mean with a good cooler? A better fan, or better heatsink? Could you point me to the one you used? Thanks


@andrewone good cooler=better fan


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