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Keyboard is stuck in spite of removed screws

Bought this nice little Mac at a yardsale. Boots up no problem. Started out that the V key was not working, so I popped up the key to clean it, put it back together, now five or six keys aren't working. I'd read that a pinched cable could cause the problem, so I followed the directions posted here for taking off the keyboard - thinking I could buy a new keyboard or possibly taking pressure off the middle would allow the keys to work again. Took off the hidden screws at the top and tried to do as the directions said and lift the keyboard out. It appears to be stuck in the center. It started to bend in the middle when I tried to take it out. I saw someone else had the same problem w/a 15" but there was no answer to that part of their question. I was applying a fair amount of force and couldn't get it to do more than wiggle. I was afraid to pull harder in case I damaged something on the logic board. HELP!

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I saw the part about taking out the memory chip, but missed the screw. Thanks! Loe this site - eeryone is so helpful to a newbee!

Oddly enough the keyboard started working again after I left the computer sit oernight - except for the v key! (I pasted the letter in - can't type it!)

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Did you take off the memory compartment cover on the underside of the computer and remove the black screw inside it which holds the keyboard in place? It sounds as if this screw is still in place, and it's preventing the keyboard from coming out.

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