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Battery is not charging/ Flashing magsafe adapter

Ok, went to the genius bar. Tried a new battery. Updates. Resetting SMC and the other thing. They said it may be a logic board, or where the battery powers the logic board. This thing is above me...I need some wise counsel!

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Before you replace the logic board you might want to give us all the details you can so we can better help you. There's just not enough information here to determine your problem or the fix.

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Yeah....that is sad....Do you think it could be the magsafe chip? or the Battery charging chip? Either way the board doesn't get power from the battery and doesn't read that it exists (or that it is dead). It is randomly turning off, too.

This thing is 3 plus years old so I don't care to break it down. Thanks, for your reply.

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Ok so if you have already ruled out the battery than it could be one of a couple things. Since you also reset the smc/pram then the next thing I would test is a new adapter. If you have tested a new adapter and it is not working either; at this point the computer itself would be at fault and it would most likely need a repair. Most likely either the smc itself or the board would need replaced.

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If it can power on by adapter and Tried new battery. so the problem from the logic board .That is easy fix for us. But i don't know your logic board mode can't answer.

like the A1278 M97

1. batter can't power up.

check D6905 (batt_pos_f to ppvin_g3h_p3v42g3h)

2.can't charge

check :smcbus_chgr_scl ; smcbus_chgr_sda ; pp3v42_g3h_batt ; smc_bil_button_db_l

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