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MPN difference and possible compatibility problems

Maybe it is a silly question, but however... I want to replace my optical drive for a mid-2007 Macbook 13", model UJ-857-C. I have found exctly the same model, but the MPN is different: 678-0557B against a 678-0557A. I would like to know if it could pose a problem of compatibility or if it depends only on the country the drive is manifactured in (one in China, the other in Indonesia).

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It's the same P/N just a different revision A Vs B. The B version is the newer model and has some level of improvement over the A version. Even still you should be OK.

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I just need to boot via DVD and reinstall the OS, if it is able to do that it is right for me. I mean, no firmware problems possible?

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It's starting to sound like you have already tried and it didn't work is that correct?

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No, I have not tried yet. I just wanted to be sure it could work before buying it. Thank you however ;)

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