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These white headphones are equipped with a remote and mic, and come with Apple's music players and iPhone. They are also sold separately.

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Earphones won't stay plugged into iPod

Any earphones I've tried will not plug into ipod. If I hold it in the ipod plays but when I let go, music stops.

3rd gen

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Is your iPod a touch 3rd generation? (1318)


If this is in fact your iPod model, the repair process is fairly simple. Unfortunately, Apple still used soldered on headphone jacks for this model. If you do not have a soldering iron, you will not be able to repair this problem. If this is the case, Google search "iPod repair" in a town near you. This should run about $25-40. You can also buy repair services on eBay: However, if you do, you can repair it yourself for less than $5! Parts here! doesn't have a repair guide for this, but this will be your procedure.

iPod Touch 3rd Generation Front Panel Replacement

Once the front panel is removed, you can clearly see the headphone jack on the lower right corner of the iPod. Remove the 3 Phillips screws holding it in place. you will then proceed to desolder the 5 contacts. DO NOT PULL UP ON THE HEADPHONE JACK WHILE IT IS SOLDERED!!! THIS WILL PULL THE SOLDER CONTACT PADS FROM THE CIRCUIT BOARD! Use a desoldering gun, desolder braid, a suction bulb, or any other technique you know of to remove the solder. I like to use a metal spudger to lift up on the headphone jack ribbon once the solder is melted (one contact at a time). Once all five contacts are removed, pull the old headphone jack out! Clean the contacts on the circuit board and make the solder is smooth, making sure that no contacts are bridged together (they will short out)

Place your new headphone jack in the slot and prepare to solder. Use flux to ensure your solder has a solid connection. Use electrical tape to hold the connector once you have it lined up. You can also use the tape to isolate the contact you are currently soldering to prevent solder from flowing to the others (highly recommended). Solder the 5 connections, replace the 3 screens, and you are ready to connect your digitizer and snap the mid-frame bezel back into place. If by chance you have a multimeter, set it to ohms, and check each of the connections to each other and make sure they all ready O.L. (1). This indicates that they are not making contact with each other.

Try to turn the iPod on and play the music through the headphone jack before you secure the digitizer in place, just in case. Enjoy your music the way it was meant, handsfree!


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There's probably lint or dust in the hole. Use a toothpick to clean it out. Worked for me!

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