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Segunda generación de iPad con Wi-Fi, lanzado el 11 de marzo de 2011. Número de modelo A1395. La reparación es difícil y requerirá calor.

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Actual LCD Cleaner for IPAD


Please can anybody advise what to use to clean the LCD under the Digitizer

I have noticed that the LCD can become really filthy once the digitizer is removed.

I have tried a soft brush

A micro fibre cloth

Both of these have left some marks on the Screen

im a bit hesitant to test any type of alcohol cleaner

Can anybody advise please, and only if youve tried it not advise on things that MAY work

Thanking you

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Ive done a lot of ipad digitizer replacements. Your best bet is to avoid touching or getting it dirty to begin with.....BUT ALAS. It does happen.

Personally i use a VERY clean microfiber cloth. I would not recommend using any solution. Just a nice dry microfiber cloth should get it taken care of.

You do have to be precise though as around the edges you can grab little bits of left over adhesive and pull them across the screen and that will make big marks across it. Just use a little warm breath if need be and polish it as best as you can. Be careful also not to use too much pressure. Light and quick swirls are better than slow hard pushing.

Hope this helps

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Blow vapor from your mouth and wrap it gently with the glasses cloth,

just did it and worked

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