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Antes de fusionarse con HP, Compaq fabricó una gama completa de ordenadores portátiles. Ahora son fabricados por HP principalmente con características básicas.

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Takes a long time before it boots up!

When powering on the CAPS Lock light flashes slowly 4 times, the fan is running high and I have to wait sometimes up to 10 minutes before it boots. Sometimes it will boot up less time than this and some of the time it can take half a day to boot but when it has booted it runs fine.

Thanks for your help.


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Paul, try to set your boot up sequence to your CD drive and use a Linux Live Cd to try to boot up. Let us know if that is working faster. It does sound like you have either a hard drive issue or a OS file issue.

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Thank you for your reply,

I have tried all above and still will not boot. Is there anything else that I can do?

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So what happened when you booted with a different OS from the optical drive? What model Compaq do you have?

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4 lights blinking usually indicates memory error.. try taking out one of the memory sticks and swap them around and see if the computer boots.. :) Plus, I need to know the model, because some of the newer laptops have additional things that could go wrong that are indicated by the blinking lights.. I suggest you google something like this: (model computer) light blinking 4 times...

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