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iPhone de cuarta generación. La reparación es sencilla, pero el cristal frontal y la pantalla LCD deben ser reemplazados como una unidad. GSM / 8, 16, o 32 GB de capacidad / Modelo A1332 / Blanco y Negro.

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How do I test dock connector?

My iPhone 4 just gave up the ghost. I went for a sweaty run here in Liberia. When I returned, I tried to update Runkeeper. IPhone froze on the app. I tried to power it off and the circling white thing popped up. When it refused to shut down, I hard reset it and it went to the black lit screen with nothing on it mode until I assume the battery died. Now nothing happens - can't charge, nothing on screen, kaput. I cleaned the dock connector to no avail. Should I just assume that the dock connector is the culprit? Is there a way to test it? At most a drop or two of sweat got into it. The case I use for running does not let it steam up (at least visibly) like others I've had but Monrovia is the most humid and salty place I've ever lived so perhaps there is more damage inside. In any event, I need to have parts hand carried from the US so any pointers people can recommend would be appreciated.



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What the heck are you doing running around in Monrovia ;-)? Anyhow, check your cable and your charger first. Make sure that it is working okay. If it is, your problem could be as simple as a bad battery. You may have to open your phone and check for corrosion on the board as well as the dock connector. I'd start by checking on that and prepare to replace it. Check the voltage on the battery post with the charger plugged in, see what you get. Anything below 2.9V is to low. Check pin 1 and 18 on your dock connector for the proper voltage. You should get at least 3.3V Hope this helps, good luck.

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You can test the charger connector with a VOM meter for voltage, to find out if the charger is working correctly.

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