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Curious boot problem / wifi problem.

I have an early 2009 Mac mini, with two problems. First the wifi. If I enable the wifi network my mini gets totally stuck....doesn't react to anything. Bluetooth works ok. Possibly still a defective airport/bluetooth card? I tried to search for a replacement part from your site, but couldn't find one.

The second boot problem is weird. The mini runs just fine , goes and wakes from sleep, as long as I don't restart it. If I boot the mini, it gets stuck on the white screen with apple logo on it. Can't even see the spinning "loading" thingy.

Then if I totally shut down the mini for 15 minutes, and then start it, it boots up just fine and works flawlessly...(well, apart from that previously mentioned wifi).

Things I've tried:

- PRAM/SMC reset

- Replaced the old memory modules

- Installed a ssd drive, and cloned all the stuff from old HDD. So osx now boots from the new ssd

None of the above helped.

Things yet to try:

- replace the defective(?) wifi-card

-clean-install OSX.

Any tips appreciated.

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Sounds like a failing HD in addition to the damaged Airport card. If you don't need wireless/bluetooth pull the card. If you still see the same behavior re: white screen I'd replace the HD. If you must have wireless as a work around try a Wireless USB Dongle.

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Thanks for your answer. But I don't know about the HDD being the culprit. I've scanned it with the disk utility a few times, and everytime it's reported to be fine. And also there's now a new (ssd) drive which the osx boots from.

The wifi isn't a must for me, but bluetooth is, so taking the card out permanently is out of question. Maybe I'll just have to stick with the ethernet connection.

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They make bluetooth dongles too.

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