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Support for desktop computers by Gateway. Gateway is owned by Acer these days, and anything new by Gateway is supported under the Acer Group.

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Gateway Gt5252 monitor says no signal, power light is on

- Tried new power supply - same problem

- Remove CPU and heat sink - CPU warms when power is on but heat sink material between heat sink is hard

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Don't try to run your computer without heatsink or fan. Disassemble it, clean the old thermal paste off with some isopropyl alcohol and apply new thermal compound. Have you tried a different video card. does your optical drive and your keyboard light flash when you start your computer? do you have any POST beep when you start your computer? Try to remove the RAM and see if you get a POST beep.


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Roger, you should try reseating the memory to try fixing the video output. Otherwise, try to find a video card, as I'm guessing you're still using the integrated video that came with the motherboard. Remove the RAM to see if your board even POST. The GT5252 did have some motherboard issues, so, it is possible that this is what has failed.

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