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This Power Mac G4 has Mirrored Drive Doors.

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will not recognize optical drive or extra hdd's

ill make it quick and simple had a problem with my g4 mdd not starting up properly, i would have to unplug from power outlet for it to start again , took psu to electronics repair guy , he replaced a capacitor ... worked fine for 2 days then again, i was about to get fed up and this on day i turned off my g4 with power button rather than thru finder shutdown menu , and voila it started normaly with button , i tried this several times and it didnt bother me any mor , recently changed memory and did it again, i reset with buton on MB and went on without prob , my issue now is after some time after first issue "power up" my g4 didnt wanna recognize my extra hdd's inside it , i have 4 hdd's inside it not to include the 2 optical drives , one a duperdrive dual layer and one a normal superdrive, ok after it didnt wanna recognize my 2 extra hdd's it started not recognizing my cd=roms ... what can it be , should i just quit fiddling with it and sell it on ebay ? its kinda heart breaking for me it been with me for a long time and its been wonderfull to me can someone give me some advice as how to fix this , apple suppor told me to buy a mb 499.98 thats moe than the g4 is worth :( plz advize , thx in advance

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You might have a dead PRAM battery, this can cause erradic behavior. Also, what bay are the drives in. The bay that is located next to the processor heatsink is an ATA/100 bus, you should put the best, fastest, or biggest drives on this ATA channel. The bus under the optical drive is ATA/66, put the smaller/slower drives here. The CD-ROM bus is ATA/33, and may not provide the nessicary bandwith for both drives. Once you try arranging the drives like this, it may become more stable, and reliable. If you still do not have success, try reinstalling the operating system, or making sure you have the latest firmware (MDD Firmware 4.4.8).

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