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The BlackBerry Curve 8900 is a smartphone manufactured by Research In Motion.

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were can I get a scroller fixed

my scroller is broke do u know were i can get it fixed

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Just use some 99% alcohol and a toothbrush. I'll bet you it'll work after.

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I have had the same question as 'abbie'. Once the track ball quit working, I had to buy another phone. For the last two years I poked and prodded at the trackball to get it to work. I even tried to pry it out with a knife. I asked at stores and no one knew what to do. I was sick about it because I love my curve 8900. Just now, I found this website, charged up the battery and followed your advice. Oh my gosh! It was fixed in 3 seconds. (no exaggeration- really, 3 seconds)!!! The old faithful Blackberry Curve is going back into service tomorrow!!! Thanks! (by the way, I used 75% alcohol since that's all I had and it still worked) yeahhh! THANK YOU YOLOREPAIR CA!

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