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Wont let me type certain letters in one spot of screen

Help please

Iphone in upright position wont let me type letter Y at all ive tried everything Y doesnt even show up if i slide my finger across the keyboard it just skips it, and the letters underneath it are hard to press, like the first time i try to type letters G,H,V,B (directly underneath Y) it will type the letter closest next to it, but if i touch any of G,H,V,B in the right way i can get the letter i want after a few trys.

if i turn it sideways so Home button is to the right side i have almost no problems, However if i turn it so the home button is to the left side it is hard to type any of the letters on the upper row...

ive tried every keyboard wether its google, text message, notes, ect. they all do the same thing

Any help would be greatly appreciated

---this happend once before a few months ago but went away over night, now it happened this time and has been like this for a week---

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Philip Cropper, sounds like a failing digitizer. I would consider changing it. Of course you do want to try a restore first and make sure that you back up your data. Use this guide to get it accomplished. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Thanks for quick response and help, i was hoping it wasnt the digitizer but where should i go about buying a lcd digitizer replacement kit i know i can do it i just would like some suggestion on where i should get one, i hear ebay has some and a few other sites but i dont know which i should do


Of course, the best one with the best service would be from the link above. Remember that the digitizer is part of the display assembly. you can also get those through ebay, amazon etc. hope this helps, good luck.


Is there a way to do this without restoring it cause I can't reset because reset is blocked by parental controls, and I can't restore I don't have a computer. So I need a way to do this without either no reset or restore. Or buying anything there must be a way


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I can't sign into one of my apps because the sign in button is at the bottom and when I press down by the bottom it doesn't work so what do I do

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