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Procesador G3 modelo M6497 o A1005 / 500, 600, 700, 800 o 900 MHz

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os x install won't recognize newly installed 160gb hard drive

I just installed a new hard drive, Western Digital 160 GB Scorpio Blue PATA 5400 RPM 8 MB Cache Bulk/OEM Notebook Hard Drive WD1600BEVE.

I used the ifixit DYI.

However, when attempting to install os 10.1, it doesn't find the hard drive. Also, the hardware utility says that the mass storage device is ok.

Any advice/solutions to this problem?


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The iBook G3 lacks something called "Large Drive Support" Meaning that drives over 128GB have to be formatted into partitions smaller than 128GB in order to be able to be used. You should be able to do this in disk utility on the disk, but you need partitions smaller then 128GB.

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just do it

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