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Can't startup, I get a '?'

When I startup I get a map with a ? in it.

We thought that there was not the right software on it, took the harddisk out and put the right software on it but still we get the ? when I am starting up my iMac.

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You say you get a "map with a ? in it." What kind of map do you mean?

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This could also be a problem with your operating system. Try booting to your system disk by holding down the c when you boot. If successful go to the second screen and select utilities--then disk repair. Run disk repair until it reports no trouble found. If unsuccessful I would format my drive and reload my OS before replacing the drive. Ralph

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That means that the computer cannot find the startup disk, usually indicative of a bad drive. To see if your drive is dead, hold down option at startup and try to boot from your drive. If you cannot, your drive is fried and you must replace it.

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I'd just like to note: this is post number 11111.

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Oh wow, looks like you guys have a profanity filter? I guess I mean "darn- lucky me" then :P

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