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Lanzado en 2006, identificado por el número de modelo E1705

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Broken hinge, bent bezel

One day, I had great difficulty closing the lid of my Dell Inspiron E1705. I subsequently discovered that the bottom left edge of the bezel has a small crack (and missing bit of metal) and the lower left hand corner of the bezel is bent inward.

It doesn't seem that my images uploaded. Please check them out on Flickr at

Despite the machine being around 9 years old, I believe it's well worth fixing.

Here's an overview of what the images are, in case the descriptions on Flickr aren't good enough or they eventually show up here.

"Dell5" shows the how the bezel is bent. "Dell1" shows that the top of the lid is separated from the back of the screen when trying to open it wider. "Dell4" clearly shows the bent lower left hand corner of the bezel. "Dell3" shows the back left corner of the bezel: the top is on the right. "Dell2" shows the crack in the bottom of the lid, where a small piece of metal has broken off. "Dell6" shows the case open at the maximum angle before reaching resistance -- when I think opening it wider might damage it further.

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Sorry to hear. This It seems that your back housing for the screen gave out where the screws hold it in place. I just looked at the images you posted on flickr and it seems like it took accidental damage.

For this you will need a new lid and more than likely a left hinge. The parts will run you at least $50+ for the lid I would imagine (if you can find it).

On a side not you should be able to hold the left side tightly and open the laptop and use it, just do not close it if you plan on using it more.


I would not have it repaired. I believe it will exceed the systems worth at this point. And it may have other parts to give out considering its age. I would just pull the hard drive and move the data to a new system.'''

Which ever you choose best of luck.

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I have repaired a lot of these in the past, the left hinge specifically. I go to Parts-People to get the part for this repair. This model you can purchase the hinge and back panel together for about $30 + shipping.

To replace, there are just a few screws holding the hinge to the base of the laptop, and I believe you only need to remove the power button cover right below the laptop. You should be able to fish out the WIFI antenna and disconnect the display cable also.

The front display snaps off of the back, then you can remove the display and mount it to the new part.

Its been a year or so since I have repaired one so I don't recall the specific steps on replacing it. This guide shows part of removing the display from the lid, but is missing the removal of the lid from the base.

I know my answer is late, but I hope it might help you or someone else.

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