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The RIM BlackBerry Curve 8520 is a sleek entry-level smartphone that delivers some nice design enhancements and great performance

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My phone was spilled by cool drink and it doesnt swith on

what could be the problem since it got spilled ny cool drink and will it be able to get fixed.

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Tumza, First thing I would do is to disassemble the phone. Use this guide for that. Then clean every part thoroughly with high grade isopropyl alcohol, anything in the 90% will work. Use a soft brush to completely clean every part of it. Do not forget the connectors and cable ends. It is okay to submerge the board in the alcohol to clean it. After that, let it dry and change the battery, reassemble and re-evaluate.

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Same thing happen with me but I was able to solved the problem what I was do is First take out the battery. Put blackberry near sunlight. Rotate the phone in such a way that its all sides get sunlight. Leave it near sunlight for 24 hrs. Do not put your battery back until the 24 hrs are up. After 24 hrs you can put the battery back in and power on. If you can do this Blackberry should be just fine.

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How do you deal with the corrosion that is going to develop on the inside of the phone?

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