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Mediados de 2006 / número de modelo A1181 / carcasa negra o blanca / procesador Intel Core Duo de 1,83 o 2,0 GHz.

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Cracked casing on back of laptop

Hello, I dropped my Macbook and unfortunately have cracked the back of the laptop on the casing (just above where the battery compartment is located. The computer still works but I am worried about dust and moisture getting inside the computer. Do you sell a casing and is this easy to fix or quite complicated?


Dan Griffith

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I agree, it's a difficult procedure, requiring transplanting pretty much all of the MacBook's components to another bottom casing. Although, it is do-able, and iFixit has a guide, so you can see what you're getting into. The bottom casing can be purchased on eBay and probably iFixit for a fairly reasonable price, however there are a couple different versions, so it's important to make sure you get the Core Duo bottom casing and not the Core 2 Duo casing.

If you decide to live with the casing as-is, perhaps some heavy duty clear plastic tape over the cracks would alleviate the concern about dust and moisture.

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the case is not dust or moisture tight anyway - so not much has changed. I agree with ^ that take the crack and live with it for the time being is the most efficient solution

- de

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There doesn't seem to be the part itself for sale but here's the guide for installing it (It's rated "Difficult")

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