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Procesador G5 1.6, 1.8 o 2 GHz

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How do I erase internal HD without erasing OS?

I just upgraded iMacs from G5 - 17" PowerPC to iMac Duo Core Intel 20" with OS 10.6.

I have no discs for anything newer than OSX. Should I wipe the HD entirely and reload OSX, leaving the next owner to upgrade to 10.5.8? I would prefer to wipe all personal stuff, leaving behind the OS.

How would I do that?


I've decided to take the hard drive back to 0's and 1's and then reload OSX. I'll leave the next owner to decide what system to install. It can't be later than 10.5.8 for a Power PC. Thus, what I need to do I have not done for over 8 years and have forgotten the procedure. I'm remembering a I load OSX CD's and use them to format?

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If you are indeed selling the computer I would wipe the drive using one of the advanced format options and install whatever OS you have. The new owner can decide what OS they want to use and may in fact already have it on hand. If you use the new user method your data is still on the computer. Good luck.

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What are the "advanced format options"? I don't even know the appropriate wordage for erasing a hard drive question.

BTW, thanks for that!

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When you use the disk utility choose options under format and you will see a number of format options. The more passes you use the longer it will take,

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This wouldn't completely erase all of your data, but you could create a new user and delete the old user.

You could also find a copy of 10.5 online and burn that to a disc/hard drive.

Also if you are generally friendly guy, the Genius Bar may be able to conscientiously erase and install 10.5.8. I used to work there and I would do it for the nice folks.


iFix SB

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@patrickswalls, we'd prefer if you would stop adding your "about me" to your answers. Since you are offering a fee-for-service, it can be construed as spamming.

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