MacBook not starting - Battery and MagSafe lights full/green?


My MacBook is not starting. When I push the power button, there is no chime. Sometimes the screen briefly flickers, other times not. The MagSafe light is showing green, and the battery power indicators show "full" (a complete line of little green lights when I press the button on the side of the machine).

Original battery and adaptor.

Two complications-

Both indicator lights are erratic. If I pull the battery out and disconnect the MagSafe, sometimes one or the other indicator will not work.

This is not the first time this has happend. For a while the battery warning in OS X was saying I needed to replace the battery, but I was still getting over an hour of battery life. Then the machine stopped turning on for a while. I opened it up and brushed out a bunch of dust off the motherboard and afterwards it turned on fine, and since then has shown battery status as healthy. However it has occasionally not turned on first time, and I've had to either disconnect from power or remove and replace battery and then turn it on again, after which it worked.

Now none of these solutions seem to work.

Do I need to get a new battery? Or is it perhaps a problem with the computer's power management? Any advice? Unfortunately in its current state I can't really run too many tests...



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I should add that this time the machine totally ran out of battery power and shut itself down. Previously I had been running it plugged in all the time.

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Two more details ... Machine was upgraded to lion after the problems started, and this seemed to make no difference.

Secondly, it is possible the machine may have been exposed to unreliable power. I recently moved to India, and our power supply here is erratic and may have surges. The machine is running through a ups and a surge protector, but may have been plugged directly into the wall sometime earlier.

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