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iPhone de cuarta generación. La reparación es sencilla, pero el cristal frontal y la pantalla LCD deben ser reemplazados como una unidad. GSM / 8, 16, o 32 GB de capacidad / Modelo A1332 / Blanco y Negro.

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How to connect a RC Charger to iPhone 4 batteries?

Hello guys,

I am attempting to built a charging/disscharging/testing system for iPhone batteries. Because I have a lot of aged and water damaged ones...

Block Image

Should this setup work?

The RC Charger confirms that it is a single cell with 3,7V. But after 20 seconds it says the battery is full.

Did I wire it correctly? Can someone confirm?

Thanks for your time! :)

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does that charger measure volts or amps? in simple terms, Amps will tell if it is "good", volts will tell charge.

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I finally fixed it(.com) haha ;)

Turns out this was a no-brainer... I better should delete the picture I took before someone else notices it.


To read the voltage I connect my multimeter to PIN 1 and 4. So why on earth did I try to connect the charger to PIN 1 and 2?!

So embarrassed...

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It can do both. You also can program your own charging/discharging programs. Like discharge at 300mah until empty then charge at 1000mah until full. Then discharge at 800mah which would simulate heavy using like 3d gaming or gps navigation. It also can then transfer the discharge chart to the pc so you can see if the voltage dropped below a certain value which would make the iPhone shut down in real life.

The situation right now is like this:

The charger starts charging at 4,2V and 1000mah. (that is milliamps per hour, the same the official apple wall charger uses). But after about 25 seconds the charger says it's full... So am I doing something wrong? Will it work eventually with a hint of one of you? Please help! :D

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