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Spilled juice on laptop some parts not working

I have a laptop Compaq CQ57 439 WM. Alright I will warn you now I am by far a computer geek. I have spilled juice on my laptop. Some keys don't work and I have determined that I need to replace that. The mouse works, but when I left click, it performs a right click. The right click works normally too. Do I need to get it replaced? Could I do it myself? I haven't ever heard of anyone replacing one on their laptop. I was thinking maybe it needs cleaned, but I wouldn't know how to go about doing that, or if it is even worth a shot. So what to do, what to do?

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Are you talking about the touchpad L and R buitton?

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yes I am talking about the touchpad.

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pmatthew876, here is the service manual for you computer. It will show you how to work on your computer. Disassemble it all the way and clean everything with a high grade isopropyl alcohol. This might be of some help. Make sure that you clean it very well, soak the board in the alcohol. Do not forget to clean the connectors as well as cable ends. Once you got that accomplished, you can reassemble your device and re-evaluate for any errors. It is possible that your trackpad has shortened out and may need to be replaced, but clean it first. The service manual will show you the part numbers of the trackpad, use that to search for a replacement that suits your finances as well as your location. Hope this helps, good luck

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My laptop keep coming up on the blue screen

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