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I keep getting F30 or F90 error code on my Kenmore Elite Gas Range

Tried to preheat oven and getting a F30 code or F90 code.

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JoAnn, I can not get an F30 code, so I am noit sure about that. The F90 is the door lock code. this can be precluded by a self cleaning cycle:-) Try to unplug the range, wait 1 minute. Turn the range back on, while holding in on the oven door, start another self clean. Wait 2 minutes and then cancel the self clean. Do not release the door until the door lock light goes out. You can also try it this way, open the oven door and with one hand hold the doorswitch button not let go of it...then with the other hand try to start a self clean cycle, then after one minute cancel the self clean, and wait about one more minute to let go of the button you are holding in on the door switch. You can find more information on here. Hope this helps, good luck.

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