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Modelo A1237 o A1304 / 1.6, procesador 1.8, 1.86 o 2.13 GHz Core 2 Duo

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Screen's hinges are loosened

Hello Everybody,

I'm writing this post because my screen's hinges are loosened, the screen don't close by itself but it move on its axis. I just want to know if i can tighten it. May be by tighten a screw or something, like on the DELL laptop, or I have to change the hinges?

Thanks in advance for all answers.



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Apple has recognized that this is a defect. If the loose hinge gives more than an inch of play, they'll replace it for free -- even if the computer is out of warranty. Here's the link to the official Apple page on the subject:

From what I've read online, repairing it yourself is a pretty expensive proposition -- as I recall, you can't just tighten the hinge; you have to replace the whole screen.

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I have the same problem. I followed the link, spoke with apple support, then found out that this no cost repair is for MacBook Air's only.

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msjunk, it is probably best if you ask your own question. this one here seems to be a bit old (2years) and it does not look like it is visited often:-) Click on this link and give as much detail as possible. Good Luck.

- de

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usually hinges over the time get loose because the times you open and close the screen you can go to peachmac or apple store to get it tighten.

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