Random safe boot, reverse caps lock, and running slow-motion


I own a 2008 macbook unibody running Lion. Back from holidays, I started it and it booted into safe mode twice before booting "correctly". I had problem to enter my password even if I was sure of it, when I tried to reset it with apple ID, I noticed that my caps lock key was reversed : when caps is on (green light) letters are regular, when its off (no green light) letters are in caps..

So I logged, tried to restart, reset PMU, repair permission : same problem.

Moreover, I can't physically clic with the trackpad, only touch clic.

Last problem, when i'm opening a folder, (like the download folder on the dock), or when i go to mission control, the mac is like running slow motion, I mean real slow motion, like 10 times slower. I've check CPU and RAM usage, nothing wrong with it.

I've tried to reset PRAM, but it doesn't work, tried to boot from CD to run apple hardware test, I can't neither, I guess it has something to do with the caps lock reversed.

And once every 3 boots, it goes to safe mode.

I don't know what to do, I'm clean installing Lion again at the moment but I'm sure this won't resolve the problem.

I wish someone could help me.



EDIT : I cleaned install OSX 10.8 but it has not solved the problem.

I've activated the onscreen keyboard in order to check and I noticed the left and right shift key remain pressed !

This explain everything : the shift problem, my macbook always starting in Safe Mode

I've remove he key to make sure there was nothing under it, but nothing, they are not physically pressed.. I've never spilled anything on my mac, never fallen, I've always take care of it, not even a scratch.

So I've installed an app to remap the keyboard and disable the left shift key, this is the faulty one ! With the app launched, everything seems to work fine, the right shift key is working perfectly.

BUT, I still have problem during boot, as it try to start in safe mode, I've to press the Option key to bypass it and start normally.

I can use the mac like this, but it is very annoying and I'd like to resolve it.

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