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Removing water from spark plugs

I drove my car into a puddle long story short the car has been sitting for a few days, my boyfriend is in the process of changing the spark plugs to let the water shoot out but.... the wells that the spark plugs sit in are so deep,if the water comes out, wont it just fall back in? What is the best route for this method? Thanks

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You would have to have driven through an incredible deep puddle in order to get a waterlogged engine. I do hope that it stalled and that you have not tried to start your engine since then. Because when water gets sucked into the engine and the engine tries to compress it with the pistons, and since water just cannot be compressed, something usually has to give and it is easily possible to bend the piston rods. You did not tell us how long ago that this has happened. Unhook the battery before anything else. You so not want to accidentally start the engine while somebody is working on it. Remove the spark plugs, and turn the engine over by hand for a few full rotations. You can use a shopvac to remove as much of the water coming out of the cylinders. Once they are reasonably empty, use a handoiler and squirt regular engine oil into the cylinder via the sparkplug hole. Continue to turn the engine over by hand. It is very seldom that the piston rings seize to the cylinder wall. Once you are reasonably sure that the water is gone, replace the plugs, clean your air intake system of all water. Change your engine and transmission oil. Then reevaluate for any damage. Just out of curiosity, tell us more about this "puddle"

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Are you sure you sucked in water into your cylinders via your air filter?

Pulling the spark plugs to let the water out makes sense but it's something you want to do that day as the rust with in the cylinder can cause the cylinder to seize and then snapping your rods (hand crank first).

You'll need something that will displace the water and not add any more damage. Some type of alcohol like Ether is often used but you must be very careful as its very flammable! so the squirting out of the spark plug hole could ignite things if you have any spark.

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