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Gauges don't work & transmission doesn't shift on 2000 Dodge Caravan?

can bad dash gauge cluster cause this or maybe bad computer

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You gauges are not likely the cause for this. The first thing I would suggest to do, is to get it on an analyzer. Try places like Autozone or Maaco, since they offer free OBD scanning. I do not recommend to just randomly replace parts. This could be a complex or simple cause, like a malfunctioning sensor or a bad computer. It is to complex to suggest any particular part. Hope this helps, good luck.

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@oldturkey03 In this case the problem was likely the speed sensor . When the speed sensor goes it takes out most of the gauges and the transmission wont shift. There are two sensors an input and an output one will be bad but replace both because the other will will go shortly after you install one new one


@jimfixer agreed. an ECU error would most likely trigger an OBD code whereas a failed VSS might not.


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