Clicking when turning on and off iPhone


I have replaced my screen on a iPhone 4. All went ok, actually it is my 4-5 screen replacement on iPhone 4.

But on this one iPhone it makes a "click" when it turning off, after the loading screen is finish, and it actually are off. It also makes the same "click" when it is off and right when i press the power button. It also vibrate a little bit, that i could feel in my hand if im feeling very hard on it. Just like something is a little loose in there.

The little "click" cames only in these two ways, no other. Tryed to get it in DFU mode, but when i hold down the power and home button, the same "click" cames and it turns it off, and i have to wait like 5 minutes untill it goes on again.

What could i have done wrong?

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Found it out! Of some weird reason the camera did make a click and a litte movement when turning on the iPhone. New camera ordered :-)

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