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Modelo A1278 / 2.26 o 2.53 GHz Procesador Core 2 Duo EMC 2326 de mediados de 2009

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How should I repair a dinged up LCD screen case?

Macbook Pro 13" LCD screen case Nov 24 @ 4:26 PM


The aluminum case of my screen has serious scratches and some dings...had an accident yesterday!!

I am really annoyed by that!!

I have seen they offer upper and lower cases for the macbook, but I couldn't find any case for the screen!

Does anyone have any ideas where to get a new screen casing, or maybe something to get rid of the scratches?

Thanks a lot,


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The Macbook Pro 13" LCD display is hard to dismantle. With the iBooks and PowerBooks and even plastic macbooks models it was easy to swap the panel case, only 2 or 4 screws to unscrew and the job was done but with the unibody MBP 13"/15"/17" Apple made it more difficult. You need to heat the glued front glass to take it out and have access to the screws that retain the LCD screen. Doing this would probably void the warranty if you still have one and you could also damage the LCD if too much heat is applied to the screen. A complete LCD display swap would be more secure but would also cost much more.

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Display case or back is what you're looking for. There are some here on occasion, also on eBay, you might be able to pick up a pretty good case from a water damaged Macbook.

Good Luck,


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sandpaper to get sharp edges off, get a uniform look,

paint it and have a custom MacBook ;)

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Thanks for the answers! I couldn't reply before cause my school blocked this site!!

I think I will keep looking on ebay for an occasion to buy a complete LCD display!

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