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Aporte original por: Richard ,


With most of the new Samsung USB ports they look much different than the others and have 7 pins as apposed to 5 which is another factor.  To throw a wrench into the mix there are now many sellers offering these on eBay but there is a standard mount style and reverse meaning it will be flipped over with the side with more surface area against the logic board.  I don't know why they don't seem to catch on but MOST of the sellers on eBay have it wrong.  Here is a seller I KNOW and have dealt with before and I can tell you for sure this link is to the correct one on eBay.  Keep in mind even if the picture is correct they might just be using a picture from the other along with the wrong info.  If you need a port for a captivate and any tools like Torx kits here is the link you want.  The item # is USB813 BTW.

Hope this helps somebody.