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Aporte original por: corvanhonk ,


i am not so sure any SSD drive will work in a Mac Mini. While the FIXIT kit and instruction set is wonderful, my MAC Mini did not recognize the SAMSUNG 830 SSD 512GB i threw at it. I then tried to update the firmware in a Windows machine (no OSX support here), but Samsung Magician said it was an unsupported SAMSUNG SSD. I then tried another SAMSUNG 830 SSD, 128GB, and while it is still in the Mac Mini, it does not show up after booting. Nor does the Disk Utility see it. Perhaps another obsolete SAMSUNG firmware, which to remedy takes a WIndows configuration. Funnily both drives had been identified, initialized  and formatted using disk utility with the USB adapter on my MACBOOK before installing into the Mini.

I think I am going to give our Korean friends a middle finger and stop buying from manufacturers not supporting the OSX system.