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Aporte original por: Amanda ,


HELLO! i had the same problem! only i spilled sesame salad dressing on my phone and it dried. I thought of sewing Buffalo Wild Wings but instead i googled many different ways to clean my iphone. what i did (and it worked after a few minutes of cleaning) i cut off the tips of Q-Tips leaving about a centimeter of the cotton on the stick. then i sprayed it with windex and the edge of the Q-tip in the ear peace then took an electric tooth brush and ran it on my speaker however i called and it was still pretty bad, then i resorted to using rubbing alcohol (dries fast) i did the same process but did it a few times at the end i used a regular tooth brush as well.  I AM PROUD TO SAY I CAN HEAR MY MOM CALL ME NOW!! ....well kind of proud ;D