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Swampbug3, in my not-very-humble opinion, the slot loading optical drives are garbage; they are too small physically for the mechanical complexity to be reliable, and are the Achillies heel of any Mac they are used in. I have around ten different Macs ranging back to the Original Powerbook 100, and EVERY slot drive has crapped out on me; the only one that works is the one I replaced in my iMac recently, while I have about four tray drives ranging all the way back to a Powerbook 1700CS that still works like a charm.

I think it's about time us consumers pressured Apple into stopping degrading their great products with garbage drives!

Mayer is right; the only fix is to pay a hundred bucks, and spend many hours swapping out one garbage drive for a new garbage drive and hoping for the best. Personally I'm going with an external Firewire drive, NOT slot-loading!

My two bits worth...