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Hello All,

First - thank you to those that followed up to my post here. I appreciate your time and expertise!

This is a follow-up/conclusion to my situation.

To recap - it was to be a routine front glass replacement on a CDMA iPhone 4 due to a cracked digitizer screen glass.  I tend to order the complete assembly to make is easy to turn around the repair, which it what I did.  After the new digitizer assembly was installed and the unit was reassembled the result was a blank screen with only a backlight coming on, just a blank screen, no image.  I went back and rechecked everything by disassembling and reassembling again, paying attention to all details.  Same result - blank screen with only the backlight coming on.  I plugged the unit into a PC and it was recognized, etc. No issue there.

To wrap-up here - I decided to reorder the digitizer assembly thinking it was received defective as there was no indication of a torn cable or other damage to the digitizer assembly.

Upon receiving the replacement digitizer assembly (from a different source than the previous one), I redid the repair and viola! all was resolved.

I would have tried the original assemble as well, but I needed to get the iPhone back to the owner, so in just ordered another part and hoped for the best.  I will now return the other digitizer to the seller for a credit.

I did note some missing details from the instruction that involve a small clear plastic piece that is "fused" to the inside of the front digitizer panel and fits around the front camera - perhaps some means of securing the camera??  Also, my original source of the digitizer panel did not have kapton tape in places on the digitizer cables or the mesh on the front speaker port, both of which needed to be transferred from the original digitizer panel.  These can complicate the repair if not observed and taken care of.

Any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,